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Samoa Philatelic Bureau Update
On this bulletin, you will find the final two issues produced for Samoa Post in conjunction with Philatelic Collector Inc. under our exclusive agency representation. Due to extenuating circumstances surrounding Samoa Post’s actions against our agreed terms we have been given no other choice than to end our representation until an amicable resolution can be reached. Going forward we do not have plans to offer new issue services for 2017 issues onward, though we will maintain an inventory of all prior issues offered from our company.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change, we will keep you informed going forward with updates should our representation resume. If there is anything we can assist you with please let us know.

Welcome to The Samoa Philatelic Bureau

Thank you for visiting The Philatelic Bureau of Samoa

As of November 26th 2012 Philatelic Collector Inc has been appointed as Samoa's exclusive agent, advisor and distributor for all philatelic material.

Upon entering in to this arrangement we have pledged to work closely with Samoa Post Ltd to help establish a exciting and relevent philatelic profile that shares the beauty and culture of Samoa with the entire world.

This main page for the Bureau is used as a general information center where you will be able to visit and find out all of the latest happenings whether it be new issues or past issues.

If you are interested in browsing or purchasing our stamps please follow the link below or you can get to our store front at the top of the page under the "Shop" tab.

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